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Individual Therapy for Children (11+) and Adolescents

It is my belief that an important component of therapy is to help children and adolescents find their unique way to express themselves. My approach to therapy is to create a warm, nonjudgmental space that feels meaningful and engaging. I work from a strengths-based model believing that individuals have the built-in resources needed to make meaningful changes when given a safe, supportive space to process and heal. In my sessions, I combine expressive therapies with parent-child dyadic work to support parents, caregivers and their children as they navigate through and find resilience within life’s challenges.   My approach integrates creative modalities, including sand and play therapy interventions with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based techniques. I work with children, teens, and young adults to create meaningful relationships, adjust to change, handle conflict, make sense of their thoughts and emotions, and feel good about who they are.

*Sessions take place over telehealth

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