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Parent Child Workshop

The Parent-Child Workshop is designed to provide you with individualized coaching and psychotherapy support that aligns with your family’s values and needs. Learn therapeutic tools and techniques to enhance your family's connection and communication while addressing challenges.


Workshop Overview:

Workshop and coaching sessions take place via telehealth


Parent Education Groups (5 Sessions, 60 Minutes Each)

Group 1: Tuning into your child: Learn the language of children and deepen your connection through play.

Group 2: Parenting as a team: Define shared parenting values and goals for your family.

Group 3: Emotions!: Teaching your child coping skills to manage big emotions.

Group 4: Building your parenting toolkit: Improve limit setting and cooperation by communicating more directly for essential tasks.

Group 5: Putting it all together: Navigate those tricky "what about" moments effectively.


1-on-1 Family Coaching and Support Sessions (3 Sessions, 55 Minutes Each)

Individual session 1: Communicating through play: Enhance understanding and communication through play.

Individual session 2: Coaching emotion regulation: Finding new ways to express emotions

Individual session 3: Adding "real-life" practice: Apply emotion regulation and connection techniques in the moment.


Workshop Cost: $1000

  • Includes an initial evaluation and 3 (1-1) individual family coaching sessions for $750.

  • 5 family group sessions, 60 minutes each, for $250.

Please note that each family undergoes an evaluation before joining our workshop to ensure the best fit for your needs.

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